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Film Location Hire

Fairfield can be hired for film and TV location work. This applies to our spaces front of house, backstage and our external areas. Being a live entertainment venue we are well equipped for the recording of concerts, both for film and audio. We have a very good facility for live TV coverage and in the past we have hosted live sports such as SKY snooker, wrestling, boxing and table tennis. We are also happy to quote for car parking/catering parking/catering services and for acting as a location/logistics/office base for crews shooting elsewhere in Croydon.

To arrange a site reconnaissance visit please call Ninon
on 0208 603 3903 or e-mail

To see our rooms/spaces please click here.

Aesthetic Attributes

Main auditoria
50s/60s stylish concert hall, lecture theatre, wrestling, wood panelling, velvet seats, boxing, snooker, large choirs, retro pop/rock, chandeliers, large balcony, boxes, theatre, stage, proscenium arch, ropes, pulleys.

Rooms/Arnhem Gallery:
Meetings, dinners, conferences, balls, banquets, chandeliers, boxing, 50s/60s styling, dance hall, minstrels gallery, bar, awards ceremonies, dance classes, dancefloor, offices, desks.

Front of House:
50s/60s styling, brass and glass, large central stairway leading to glass walled mezzanine floor, large portrait style windows (40ft high), dancefloor, café, wavey modern ceiling, long bar.

Corridors, dressing rooms, mirrors with lights surrounding, hospital corridors, stage door with celebrity pictures on the wall, loading bay, car park, big iron gates.

50s/60s frontage, high balcony (backdrop of South London), forecourt (red carpet arrivals), car park.

Recent Location Uses

The Dark Knight Rises (film location base), Ronnie Corbett’s Comedy Britain (TV, concert hall platform location), Question Time (BBC TV location, several times), X-Factor (TV, homecoming concert forecourt, lobby and stage), The Da Vinci Code film (opening Tom Hanks sequence, lecture), Made in Dagenham (60s office of General Motors CEO in Detroit, other 60s interiors), SpecSavers Ad (backdrop of building), The Last Detective (wrestling sequence).